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Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion Trying to decide where to go to church?
Or if you should even bother going to church?

This summary will save you years of trial and error.
Nothing hurts more than the ups and downs of dashed expectations from a church.
All of these groups have some merits, but keep your eyes open.
In any group, prepare to be an unwelcome bringer of the truth to the hardest mission field of all:
Religionists who think they already know the truth, but are wrong.

Know what you're getting into before you join:


Bible Ecclesia / Home Bible FellowshipsWe like to see these.
They are short-lived.
These pop up now and again, often in homes.
Often a preacher leaves a big money-driven church and gets back to the Bible and there is a little revival.
Home fellowships led by the Brothers devoted to action, no matter the cost, (see writings of Gene Edwards for a description of this), can light Spirit fires that will never go out.
Home fellowship groups have been turning the world right side-up, for 2000+ years.
Unlikely to challenge the core issues of living in Babylonian society.
Can be the "church of the eternal pot-luck supper."
Unlikely to survive without the unbiblical "pastor-centric" model, so they tend to morph into Baptists.
Men generally don't know what to do with themselves;
The men often let the women turn the fellowship into a home-school support group.
Can devolve into "book-study" foisted upon them by the promotional efforts of some "Christian" publisher.
It takes 2 to 5 years for the brothers to figure out how to lead, by which time they have disbanded because they hate each other, or at best, have resolved never to do anything useful, because action causes infighting.
Can be dens of materialism, instead of a place to coordinate selling your possessions and giving to the poor, because bible fellowships often spring up among subdivisions with large homes.
Can worship the Bible, or their culture's (mis)interpretation of it, instead of living in the Spirit.
Can underestimate the incredible amount of money, collaboration, cooperation and work it takes to actually run a functioning fellowship with skilled, orderly, effective regular meetings with music.
Tend to be quickly overcome by demonic forces and commercial culture which can pollute the meetings with poor quality, un-scriptural songs & teachings.
Swear oaths, like the rest.
The wive's emotions and half of the guys who stand up to talk.

Calm. Gentle.
Nonresistant. Nonviolent.
Kind. Very helpful.
Very modest.
Try not to swear oaths, kinda.
Serious about divorce: Divorce almost unheard of.
Understand head covering, to a degree.
Don't (or shouldn't) take welfare.
Politically separated (ideally)
Won't use insurance or government benefits (ideally)
Except for a strong Pharisiacal tendency, the best overall stable group we've found.
Some Menno's tend to elevate head covering above all other virtues.
Rejection of musical instruments, dance, and exuberant praise.
Use dispensationalism to invalidate anything in the Old Testament that they don't like.
Can be quite judgmental, even when they're wrong.
Tradition often elevated above scripture.
Pacifism sometimes used as an excuse to escape military service.
Often redefine the definition of "oath" to whatever suits them at the moment.
There are thousands of sub-types of Mennonites, many know and care almost nothing about Menno Simons and Jacob Amman and their way of following Yahshua.
Home, family, business and food can become gods.
Early Church Fathers & Tradition

AmishSame as Mennonites, even moreso.
Incredibly modest.
Tend to be the most serious about divorce and not swearing oaths, and maintaining political separation.
Have an advanced understanding of community and sustainability.
Won't compromise on their convictions.
Hard workers.
Same as Mennonites, even moreso.
Tradition can almost totally choke out the scripture.
Won't change their errors.
Focus on multiplying physical children through sexual reproduction instead of focusing on multiplying SPIRITUAL offspring through proclaiming the scripture in lively songs.
Have begun buying cheap ingredients at mass-market stores and sell their products to tourists who believe Amish products are "all natural" and "wholesome."
Serious health crisis ensuing.

Pentecostal / Charismatic / Assembly Of GodEmbrace most of the whole bible's teachings on music, which is a conduit of Spirit. Very exuberant. Excited about the faith. Some are modest.Can lack discretion and be open to demonic manifestations. Can lack logic. Can overly focus on emotion. Can be materialistic. Can lack substance. Long sermons and prayers. Can develop a dual personality: holy at church, sinful at home.Emotion

AdventistsAmazing recognition of the importance of the Sabbath and certain other commandments.
Missionary zeal.
Helpful. Generally kind. Health-savvy.
Tend to turn the Sabbath into a mere Sunday one-day-early.
Tend to only focus on select Old-Testament commands and ignore others.
Will ignore or misinterpret the scripture in blind faith in Ellen G. White, whose writings naturally have some errors.
Will Swear oaths just like the pagans, for example. Woman-dominated.
Ellen G. White

Hebrew RootsAmazing depth of learning of Hebrew spirituality.
Rich and powerful expressions.
Mono-focus on Sacred Name and Mosiac Law.
Lack of understanding of Galatians, which commands that we should not enter into the Sinai contract.
Legalistic at times. Infected with errors of Zionism.
Swear oaths.
Jewish tradition/Talmud

BaptistsFairly well-organized. Civil. Decent.
Fairly decent doctrine.
Lukewarm. Worldly. Mono-focus on salvation as an acquisition.
Swear oaths. Sloppy grace often without fruit.
Protestant reformers

Seeker-Sensitive Churches / Non-Denom's / Relevant.
Well-produced, efficient, impactful presentations.
Some focus on the Word.
Fairly well-organized. Civil. Decent.
Fairly decent doctrine.
Afraid to speak the heavy truths. Worldly. Likely to attract followers looking for entertainment, who will fall away when commitment and dying to self are required.
Swear oaths.
Popular Culture

Presbyterians / Lutherans / Methodists / EpiscopaliansOrderly, civil.
Often skilled at music, though restrained.
Lots of bad theology derived from murderers such as Luther and Calvin.
Status-quo non-world-shakers.
Often materialistic.
Droll and boring, on purpose.
Swear oaths.
John Calvin, Martin Luther, etc.

Jehovah's WitnessesJW's try to be politically separated from the pagan world, to a degree.
Great missionary effort.
Guard monotheism.
Zeal for the NAME of YHVH (Jehovah). Fairly modest.
May tend to try to defend certain wrong ideas of Charles Russell.
May be seen as shills/salesmen for the Watchtower society's publications.
May neglect certain truths regarding the unity of the Father and Son that Trinitarians clumsily try to describe. Extremely resistant to efforts to improve on the mixed-bag of Watchtower Society doctrine. Shun ex-members.
Charles Taze Russell / Watchtower society

CatholicsLong track-record.
Lots of good works.
They have their act together. Tend to keep their services flowing, free of long sermons.
Horrible history of murder and corruption, which is probably to be fair no worse than the Protestant record, given the time-span difference.
Un-biblical mandatory celibate priest doctrine. Subject to accusations of child molestation.
Extreme lay/clergy separation.
Call men on earth "Father."
More than any other Christian group, perpetuates the old Babylonian mystery religions, due to their origins in antiquity.
Swear oaths.
Pope / church hierarchy

MormonsFocus on family.
Hard workers.
Great missionary effort.
Trying to guard Monotheism, though clumsily. Fairly modest.
Lamentably tied to many ridiculous proven-debased writings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.
Missionaries tend to focus on white, rich areas. Can be materialistic. Swear oaths.
Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc.

Church Of Christ (U.S.)Organized. Civil. Serious.Worldly in a very closeted way.
Hypocritical. Illogical and demonic rejection of musical instruments.
Maniacal hyper-focus on whole-body baptism.
Judgmental of all others.
Swear oaths. Obsessed with the unreadable King-James translation.
Church tradition

ALL DENOMINATIONSBetter than nothing, in that through them some Truth from YAH's word reaches peoples' ears.
Each group has a few members of the remnant.
More like social clubs/tribes than actual groups of committed disciples.
Elevate their virtues and discount the virtues of the others.
Discount/ignore the "Hard Commands" to never swear oaths, always love your enemies, forsake all, sell your possessions and give to the poor, etc. Generally materialistic.
Mission efforts tend to perpetuate a worldly Christianity, not a biblical separation into the Kingdom of YAH.
Most of the members of all these groups will be told by our King:
"Depart from me into everlasting fire, you workers of iniquity; I never knew you."

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