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YHVH (sometimes pronounced Jehovah) is the Biblical name for our Creator.

YHVH's name is not "GOD" (which, in Hebrew, often refers to a pagan god named Gaad, pronounced "Gawd" just like "God."). (See Isaiah 65:11.)

And YHVH's name is not "LORD" (which is the English word for "Baal," a title meaning 'master, lord, or husband, frequently used as a title for pagan gods and leaders.)

The commercial Bible translators have removed the real name of your Creator, (YHWH.)
They've replaced it with the English word for the pagan god Baal (bull-lord), 'LORD.'

LORD can also mean "Adonai," which is a respectful term.

Due to the ambiguity of describing Supreme being(s) in English,
and because Christianity is a tree springing up from its Hebrew roots,
we recommend using the correct Hebrew word for what you mean:

Whether or not Hebrew is a "better" or "purer" language than English, different languages have different strengths:
Hebrew has more specific words than English for describing exalted beings.