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"Ceremonial Marriage License" Trap

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Your Bible warns:
"Through covetousness, With feigned words they shall make MERChandise (the property of Mercury) of you."

If you apply for a marriage license, you will be trapped in a damaging operation of Lex Mercutoria (Merchant Law) via feigned words (Highly deceptive language:)

2.001. MARRIAGE LICENSE. (a) A man and a woman desiring to enter into a ceremonial marriage must obtain a marriage license from the county clerk of any county of this state.

This does NOT mean: "You have to get a marriage license to get married by your preacher in your church."
Marriage is a gifted right from your Creator.

It says that the State is offering to help you participate in the ancient pagan custom of CERE-MONY (Money paid to the Fertility God, Ceres, to secure her blessing or permission.)

In exchange, you sign a contract (application for license) which says you are "married according to the laws of this state", which means that the state can control or dissolve your marriage and control the fruit thereof (the main 'fruits' are your children, via a 42 USC 666 child-protective enforcement.)

So the scripture-following-Christian must clearly deny the state the privilege of controlling your Scriptural Marriage Covenant, which explicitly forbids divorce.
You don't want the State Family code managing your family, partly because that code grants divorce),

Even if every other person on earth considers the covenant vows to be ornamental, like wedding flowers, and the license the real contract, you must avoid the license to show that, for you, the vows are the essential contract.

Many have learned the hard way that you are utterly powerless to object to the terms of the license once you have signed it.

For example, your spouse can leave you at whim and take at least half your stuff, and likely the children too, for no reason at all.
MUCH harder for her/him to do that if there is no marriage license, especially if you don't have or use SSN's and birth certificates, etc.

unless you want the state to control your family's most intimate decisions,